11.2 What does Mailman do to help protect me from unsolicited bulk email (spam)?

A technical list's archives may include answers to a range of different questions. Often, the people who have posted these answers would be happy to help someone who doesn't quite understand the answer, and don't mind giving their address out for that purpose. But although it would be wonderful if everyone could contact each other easily, we also want to make sure that the list and list archives are not abused by people who send spam.

To make a range of options available to list administrators, Mailman allows a variety of configurations to help protect email addresses. Many of these settings are optional to the list administrator, so your particular list may be set up in many ways. List administrators must walk a fine line between protecting subscribers and making it difficult for people to get in touch.

Of course, many address-obscuring methods can be circumvented by determined people, so be aware that the protections used may not be enough.