8 Create a site-wide mailing list

After you have completed the integration of Mailman and your mail server, you need to create a ``site-wide'' mailing list. This is the one that password reminders will appear to come from, and it is required for proper Mailman operation. Usually this should be a list called mailman, but if you need to change this, be sure to change the MAILMAN_SITE_LIST variable in mm_cfg.py. You can create the site list with this command, following the prompts:

    % bin/newlist mailman

Now configure your site list. There is a convenient template for a generic site list in the installation directory, under data/sitelist.cfg which can help you with this. You should review the configuration options in the template, but note that any options not named in the sitelist.cfg file won't be changed.

The template can be applied to your site list by running:

    % bin/config_list -i data/sitelist.cfg mailman

After applying the sitelist.cfg options, be sure you review the site list's configuration via the admin pages.

You should also subscribe yourself to the site list.